Providing A Cleaner Environment For Generations To Come

Welcome to Husker Battery Service Corp

Throughout our 8 years in the battery recycling industry, we created recycling programs for government agencies, residents and many large corporations.  Our in depth knowledge of recycling allows us to remain in complete compliance with all applicable environmental laws.  On average, Husker Battery Service recycles over 2 million pounds of lead acid batteries per year.  We have the capacity to recycle all battery types for corporations, municipalities, counties, states and individuals.

We Recycle All Battery Types

Husker Battery Service Corp accepts all battery types such as UPS Batteries, Automobile, Golf Cart, Motorcycle, Industrial Fork Lift, Lithium, Nickel, Calcium, Absolyte

Our Corporate Mission

Our mission is simple.  We provide a service that enables corporations, municipalities and residents an easy way to rid themselves of their end of life batteries, therefore, providing them peace of mind that batteries will be handled in compliance with EPA regulations.  Providing a cleaner environment for generations to come is a direct result of our dedication, knowledge and passion for what we do.

Our committment To Compliance

Upon contracting with Husker Battery Service to dispose of the batteries, a certificate of receipt will be issued containing the following information:

  • Contractor name and address
  • Battery type and quantity disposed
  • Date of removal
  • Date of disposal
  • Location number of the EPA Certified recycling facility

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